Albert Einstein High School – Bagnols Sur Cèze

Albert Einstein High School _ Bagnols Sur Cèze

PM: Region LR 

Budget: 20.000.000 euro

Phase: Contest

“… do not just build buildings, but create open spaces that will preserve the emptiness so that the fullness

                                                                                     does not block our sight and so we have emptiness to rest ourselves”. Wim Wenders, filmmaker.

The Genius of the place:

This site, built over time, by successive stratas, bears traces of its progressive mutations. This palimpsest is the very substance which nourishes the project and gives its first intentions. The two places of intention each have their own identity and the program clearly divided their respective future assignments. The search for harmony motivated a design in search of architectural and landscape coherence for a symbiosis between buildings and their environment. This thread has bought us from the analysis of the context to the outline of the project with the ambition to create an attractive and conductive to learning for this multidisciplinary high school opening the field of possibilities to its students.

The restructuring and construction of Building A :

The transparency of the entrance to the site symbolizes the link between education and citizenship, the continuity between education and culture. The lodge, point of reception and orientation, slips transparently under the entrance canopy.The materials and the colors are an evocation of the stone of Vers and the local colors. The façade, gymnasium side, is rhythm of full and empty, playing the alternation between transparency and opacity, lightness and materiality.

The restructuring of Building B :

Building B is getting a new look. In dialogue with the set A&A, its Architectural writing contributes to the renewal of the site. The base made up of glazed walls is


bordered by a large flattened planted, visual filter and landscape.Large concrete frames emerge from the facade and break linearity. Vertical concrete blades protect the windows from the solar entrants in the East and West.

Restructuring of buildings E and F:

The installation of the extension of the E & F buildings releases a landscaped patio, a visual extension of the dining rooms and a source of natural light. The two glass boxes placed in the vegetation bring a maximum of light avoiding overheating by a north orientation and by the shadow cast from building B to the east.

The restructuring of the building P:

The building P, whose façade is made of stone, retains its exterior appearance. The organization of the boarding school makes it possible to preserve the structure and the disposition of the existing openings, the rooms are more spacious. A technical strip integrates strong current cabinets - weak currents, smoke extraction, power supply and exhaust networks. The elevator is replaced in order to make all the levels accessible.

The construction of the houses of function:

The T3 and T4 houses are villas with gardens overlooking the sported space to the West. To the north of the plot, they have their own access and parking spaces. The landscaped interface between the houses and parking allows to preserve their privacy.


Car parks and outdoor spaces:

The parking lot has 172 spaces, 8 of which are dedicated to the houses of function The rest of the car-park will be used for the needs of the gymnasium following a city - region convention. Rainwater retention is increased by the expansion of the existing basin and the creation of new landscapes. The facades of the buildings are landscaped and the decontaminated concrete accesses and walkways are planned in the same spirit as the existing exterior layouts. Particular care is given to the landscaping of the entrance as a place of reception.

Phasing in several stages and phases:

The phasing takes into consideration the problems related to each site, the school holidays, as well as the periods of examinations. Access to the site avoids conflicts of use with the occupants. During the school holidays, the phasing includes the most disturbing work (noise, dust, confinement ...), so as not to interfere with the proper functioning of the high-school.