Ile des loisirs Cap d'Agde

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Ile des loisirs_Cap d'agde

PM: Ville d'Agde

Budjet: 10.000.000 euro

Phase: Ongoing study

« The regeneration of the Ile des Loisirs in Cap D’Agde, and its urban project»…

The seaside area of Cap d’Agde, built on the bottom of the Saint Loup Mountain 45 years ago by the Architect Jean Lecouteur, is the first town in France in terms of capacity of tourism reception. The unique quality of design, separate the area from the town of Agde by a green belt. A well-establish road network make the connection between the two entities possible. In order to open up to a new era, able to develop a high-end offer, to reinforce the conditions of the reception of tourism population, the community is looking towards the necessary regeneration of strategic sites.

The regeneration of the Ile des loisirs is been identified as a major challenge. The Island renewal will be able to give values to its role while developing a high quality urban project.  

For the position and its character as well as its land management framework, Ile des Loisirs has the potential to highlight a considerable number of strategic issues for the future destination of Cap d’Agde.




  • Urban issue: the renewal of this site includes urban challenges much larger than its own perimeter.

The island has to represent a new type of urban planning. The Project needs to include this sector and the main nearby areas, like the seaside, the harbor, and overall its surroundings.

  • A strong image issue: based upon the seaside area, represent an opportunity to reinvent itself, to enhance its qualities to strengthen an image of high end destination,
  • An issue of future foresight: it is necessary to rethink the roles of this sector,
  • An issue of influence: The Cap d’Agde has the opportunity to be part of the European race of high end tourism destination,
  • An issue of land: a more cohesive land management framework for the Commune will allow the development of a new district.

Considering the issues and what previously stated, the complexity of the programme, our knowledge of the site as well as our know-how in terms of urban projects and the leisure facilities, we wish to participate to:


  • To implement A RENEWED AND REINVENTED, REINFORCED URBAN QUALITY , to a new art of living...
  • Facilitate the installment of innovative and high quality facilities,
  • To achieve a new touristique strategy for the seaside resort,
  • To revitalize the image of the seaside resort, to make it more dynamic.

How to imagine this transformation?

This is no ordinary issue: create and organize datas on a subject that is at the center of contemporary challenges. The visual journey in cities landscapes works as a continue shift of views and thoughts, to implement travels as well as new forms of change of scenery capable of stimulate the imagination.

Question ourself on the process of city-making it became for us a reflection between professional practice and experience on the field. To awake imagination, to free oneself of archaic thoughts and translate new reflections on the city of tomorrow, To integrate the urge of sustainable development by respecting landscapes diversity, while promoting the mixing between the different  layers ofarranged and natural areas will be our challenge.


With this same frame of mind, we wish to accompany you on the development of this territory that is complexas well as varied. This approach is not an utopistic one , it is indeed real and inspire us everyday ...


"The essential is not to live, but to live well" (Plato)