Olivier and Laurence Marty

“A common ideology for a responsible team”.

The OMLB workshops regroup around thirty collaborators, experimented in the domains of Architecture, Urban planning, Landscaping and Project management. They base their common exercise on a very contextual practice, open to any form of writing whose equilibrium reflects the taking into account of the location, the uses and the programs which are submitted to them. Persuaded that multidisciplinarity is an essential factor to answer the major stakes in the profession, OMLB formed itself into several poles : Architecture, Landscaping, Urban planning and Projet Management.

Today, the Architects, Urban-planners, Engineers, Directors and Economists of OMLB, collaborate and reconcile the art of conceiving complex projects, including large scale, making compatible an esthetic approach and an optimal feature in the rigorous respect for the costs and of deadlines. Flexible and multipurpose, OMLB workshops adapt themselves to the problems which are confided to them. They propose a reflection in all the scales of the territory, the Urban projects and the expertise for the sectors of Urban planning, education, housing accommodation, sports, leisure activities and culture.






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