Public Buildings

Project Management  

“OMLB-AMP clearly defines its commitments and respects them”

From our commitments to quality, reliability and respect of deadlines was born our project management pole, gathering all necessary skills with the administrative and technical follow-up of operations. The trades of project management and control of work are the mainspring of it. Architects, town planners, landscape designers, building site workers, engineers confront their visions… The experience of each collaborator is put forward in the interest of the project.

“Shared convictions, moments shared, an inventive complicity on complex projects”

To accompany technically and economically its projects, OMLB created a recognized Engineering structure, “ AMP”. It gathers poles of excellence as regards rehabilitation, intervention in occupied sites, town planning or  high environmental quality for buildings and town planning.

Resolutely turned towards the future, OMLB also takes part in the development of new constructive processes as an originator of wood framework buildings.