Turkish Cultural Center

Turkish Cultural Center_Béziers


PM: Turkish Community

Budget: 5.000.000 euro

Phase: Sketch


The project consists of the realization of a cultural center within a group of buildings, with a surface of approximately 3000 m ².

The project is located in the Arièges streams major bed.

The sector of study is densely urbanized and falls within a sensitive area.

Due to the overflows of the nearby watercourse, the project area is highly floodable. This zone is identified in the PPRI (flood risk prevention plan).

The building will be built on stilts, allowing on the one hand to lower the lower floor of the building (PHE + 30 cm minimum) and to preserve the hydraulic transparency in case of overflow of the Ariège stream.

The roofs of the building will be vegetalized. They will provide a buffer zone for the rainwater retention.

The external installations will be very little or not at all waterproofed. The carparks will have a turfed alveolar slab finish and the paths a alveolar slab and a gravel finish.