Urban Planning

Urban planning

“How we can contemplate the transformations that our cities are experiencing?”

The urban environment seems to have become a major concern. This interest is neither accidental nor unrelated to the importance acquired by the notions of space and sustainable development in recent years. Cities and urban conditions today represent new challenges, which must make possible to learn new relationships between architecture and the city of tomorrow. These notions guide our approach, to identified the urban transformations in the making, the sub-urban development and its nature, the importance of mobility and the possibility of choice movements, the new perception of urbanism, the new forms of social cohabitation, the diversification between symbolic, historic places and the places of daily use, the new relationship between city and countryside, or the growing importance of the term ephemeral and transitioning, the impact of technology and informations on public spaces in cities...

Question oneself on the process of city-making it became for us a reflection between professional practice and experience on the field.